Snow is a Gift to My Fear EP

by Nat Harvie

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for henry- everything for henry, always.


released July 1, 2016

Songs by Nat Harvie
Produced by Nat Harvie
Mastered by Sean Elmquist
Cover Art by Rosalie Uggla
Thanks to Brian Ring and Larry Crane

Nat Harvie: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth
Sam Williams: Drums
Becca DeBoer: Accordion (track 6)
Sarah Jane: Backing Vocals (track 4)



all rights reserved


Nat Harvie

nat harvie- vocals/guitar
becca deboer-
bass guitar
sam williams- drums

The solo project of songwriter and producer Nat Harvie. They also play for the band, vivielle. Nat is a founding member of zenith city music collective.
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Track Name: Whatever Rain May Come
i want to study the white
spots on the page
not to be filled in
and if humour
should take me under
some sort of wing
then cut me free

oh brother, please be patient
oh brother, please be patient with me

when I was thirteen
i use to push my hair to the left
now I pull it behind
and he told me a means less satisfying
thinking he was speaking to the king
of that town
i burnt my young man's hands
on the candlelight vigil
of some earthquake
that I tuck behind my ear
now whatever rain may come
i'll be shutting down the trouble
i'll be finally putting my name
in that hat

oh brother, please be patient
oh brother, please be patient with me
Track Name: Ready 2 Die
i can't find the words to say how
i can't find the words to say how
even when we're still
we're falling away
and maybe I'll come back someday
with better jokes and a different face
or maybe i am drowning to stay

and even though we're use to it
we're getting older all the time
and out bodies know,
but out minds can do nothing better
cartoon daydreams will not feed us
older folks don't want to meet us
We are slowly turning into she

now we're ready to go
now we're ready to die

and someone in the back shouts-
i'm not. goddamnit, i'm not.
it's alright.
Track Name: Io
sailing all the way back home
sailing accidentally to some
frozen other place and
folding up some paper swans
thinking she can make it to
sleep before sundown she is
trying to change her name to io
searching everywhere for calmer daughters.
and then her lip starts bleeding
as reckless airplane cuts its hands upon the moon

she's going in- going in for the long wait

writing his will on a postcard
the only paper he's left himself to recon with
and then moving to the west coast
going for broke to turn
glass back into sand
pulling dead men from the sea
and with intention not taking middle names
and you said something sweet
once on the phone and twice in the ambulance

you're going in- going in for the long wait
Track Name: Made of Knots
the dying warm lay sleeping
like an occasion
it's not an occasion
it's not an occasion

and standing on the hollow snow
like it's not made of air
like it's okay, like it's over

what are they to do, what are they to do?

the fire now is spreading
just like it's always done
to lovers who got drunk last night
and thought that they could walk

and she works at the museum
'cause she wants to smell like rust
like she's okay, like she's older

what are they to do, what are they to do?
Track Name: Dead Swallows
the way he say the things he drew
the marks it made beside the moon
now someone's lost a golden ring
and i found a flashlight more than once
on the beach

could be, could be.

a short conversation
and a long, long one, too
cause this airport is real
for those lying the truth
now please call me by my
heavy, wooden real name-

i am a bowl full of dead swallows.

you're my best friend,
you're my only friend,
so tuck me in.
Track Name: Heikki Poika
he tries so hard to remember
he beats the fog in the old folk's home
saving a moth
begging to leave the lights on
in the bathroom, he's falling in love

praying long, being split by the river
the train tracks in dreams about sleeping
the tall pines, the deep snow, and the big big cold-
cold enough to kill john henry.

with a note in his shoe to correct his age
john harvie would not die a liar
and the west keeps on turning
but those are the jokes they made in 1939

so forgive me, that courage only taught me
how to smoke and drive in the winter
forgive my grandfather for crying
cause he'll never speak to god

trust me in the snow, trust me in the snow