the way he say the things he drew
the marks it made beside the moon
now someone's lost a golden ring
and i found a flashlight more than once
on the beach

could be, could be.

a short conversation
and a long, long one, too
cause this airport is real
for those lying the truth
now please call me by my
heavy, wooden real name-

i am a bowl full of dead swallows.

you're my best friend,
you're my only friend,
so tuck me in.


from Snow is a Gift to My Fear EP, released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Nat Harvie

nat harvie- vocals/guitar
becca deboer-
bass guitar
sam williams- drums

The solo project of songwriter and producer Nat Harvie. They also play for the band, vivielle. Nat is a founding member of zenith city music collective.
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