i can't find the words to say how
i can't find the words to say how
even when we're still
we're falling away
and maybe I'll come back someday
with better jokes and a different face
or maybe i am drowning to stay

and even though we're use to it
we're getting older all the time
and out bodies know,
but out minds can do nothing better
cartoon daydreams will not feed us
older folks don't want to meet us
We are slowly turning into she

now we're ready to go
now we're ready to die

and someone in the back shouts-
i'm not. goddamnit, i'm not.
it's alright.


from Snow is a Gift to My Fear EP, released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Nat Harvie

nat harvie- vocals/guitar
becca deboer-
bass guitar
sam williams- drums

The solo project of songwriter and producer Nat Harvie. They also play for the band, vivielle. Nat is a founding member of zenith city music collective.
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