sailing all the way back home
sailing accidentally to some
frozen other place and
folding up some paper swans
thinking she can make it to
sleep before sundown she is
trying to change her name to io
searching everywhere for calmer daughters.
and then her lip starts bleeding
as reckless airplane cuts its hands upon the moon

she's going in- going in for the long wait

writing his will on a postcard
the only paper he's left himself to recon with
and then moving to the west coast
going for broke to turn
glass back into sand
pulling dead men from the sea
and with intention not taking middle names
and you said something sweet
once on the phone and twice in the ambulance

you're going in- going in for the long wait


from Snow is a Gift to My Fear EP, released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Nat Harvie

nat harvie- vocals/guitar
becca deboer-
bass guitar
sam williams- drums

The solo project of songwriter and producer Nat Harvie. They also play for the band, vivielle. Nat is a founding member of zenith city music collective.
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